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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 27, 2010 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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let's turn over this log. yeah! both: whoa! i like the big black ones. i like the brown wiggly ones.
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mmm. i like the green crunchy ones myself. whoa. explore nature. there are surprises everywhere. go to >> reporter: democrats are looking for a little help from the can comeback kid. >> and i personally believe both the president and the congress have done a better job than most people think they have done. >> reporter: we caught up with president clinton as he rallied embattled democrats in chicago. >> how bad do you fear it could be? >> i don't fear it at all. it depends how bad we want it. if we want it bad enough we'll get it. >> reporter: democrats are most endangered in the house where the latest abc news estimate shows 107 democratic seats in jeopardy with 64 either leaning republican or pure tossups. republicans only need 39 to win the house. perhaps no race is as close as the battle for the president's old senate seat in illinois. >> what an amazing signal it would send to take the barack
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obama seat and make it the mark kirk seat. i present to you your next united states senator, mark kirk. >> reporter: republican mark kirk has hit democrat alexi giannoulias relentlessly over some of the shady characters who got loans at his family's bank. >> blagojevich, rezko, and the mob. alexi giannoulias, he'd make tony soprano proud. >> so how do you close the deal? >> i think it's closing. yeah. because i think -- this is an economic vote. >> i love you and you got my whole family's vote. >> reporter: giannoulias talks the economy, too. warning against a return to failed republican policies. >> why is it a tough year for democrats, even here in illinois? >> people are struggling. they're losing their jobs. they're losing their homes. they're scared and concerned. rightfully so. >> reporter: in a sign of just how important this race is to the white house abc news learned that both president obama and the first lady will appear in an ad for alexi giannoulias that will begin airing on wednesday. this is the first time and right now the only ad that features
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both of them. jonathan karl, abc news, chicago. and a little bit of sports news this morning. a funny thing happened to the miami heat on the way to the nba title. they opened their season last night against the celtics and they blew it. lebron james poured in 31 points, but his dream team teammates, dwyane wade and chris bosh, they only combined for 21. in the end it was the defending eastern conference champs, the celtics, who were the winners here. final score last night, 88-80. all that hype and not the w. >> so he still does the talcum powder thing even though he switched teams? that's a mainstay? >> that's a lebron thing. that's right. >> doesn't seem to help, though, did it? >> no, last night. and as you know, the world series gets under way tonight out in san francisco. >> giants fans have been gearing up for their team's showdown with the texas rangers. some of them showed up at the ballpark yesterday when word spread that some tickets were going on sale. unfortunately, none of them ever did. >> demand, though, of course is through the roof. and so are the prices. standing room tickets going for
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$400 or room. it should be quite a pitcher's duel tonight. rangers ace cliff lee faces off against the giants' number 1, tim lincecum. should be a great match-up. >> did i see $20,000? >> that's insane. that kind of money. and they say season tickets down in san francisco are already up for the 2011 season just because they got to the world series. >> my rangers have never been to wierld series before. >> you're excited. >> i'm excited. and suddenly they're mine. >> i'm sure you'll watch. >> we'll be right back. ♪ put me in coach ♪ i'm ready to play today assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little to no cost to you. stay tuned for this important medicare benefit information and free scooter guarantee. imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen ...
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take action. take advil®.
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welcome back. well, some good news if you have a gm or ford in your driveway. the latest automotive reliability survey shows drastic improvements from both companies. "consumer reports" says brand new models from gm are proving to be reliable. most ford models show average reliability or better. "consumer reports'" top five makes are the scion, porsche, acura, honda, and infiniti. the least reliable makes are chrysler, audi, mini -- audi, mini, dodge, and bmw.
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what's a mini? a cooper? oh. thank you. as you know, the birthplace of america's automobile industry detroit was rocked by the recession, but since then automakers have been working hard to turn things around. >> this morgan we have encouraging news that the hard work may finally be paying off. t.j. winick has more. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and vinita. there are now signs detroit is back on track when it comes to -- things appear to be rolling again in the motor city. this week general motors, ford, and chrysler are announcing a combined $2 billion investment in their michigan operations. the companies will likely add over 2,200 jobs while retaining thousands more. >> we've come through this horrible recession. we kept investing in the future. we have the products that people really do want and value, and now we're switching over to a profitable growth mode, which is great for everybody. >> reporter: it's all thanks to positive growth, competitive wage agreements with the unions, and a generous package of tax incentives courtesy of the
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state. >> we're gratified that we are seeing the tail end of that recession, that we are seeing the auto industry rebound. and that's a very, very good thing. >> reporter: ford alone will invest $850 million. that means more jobs at four metro detroit factories. the company's third quarter earnings are the best in its history. $1.7 billion. still, not everyone is ready to declare the patient that is the american auto industry fully recovered. >> to say that it's back would indicate that sales this year would be 16 million when it looks like it's going to be around 11.4 million. so clearly there's a big differential there. i don't think that's going to happen, at least for a few more years, unfortunately. >> reporter: with the new extension laid off workers will be called back first, then new hires at $14 an hour, a lower wage negotiated by the united auto workers. rob and vinita? >> and now to michigan they may approve $2 billion worth of tax breaks to help out big carmakers if they keep their promise to hire thousands of workers. hopefully that helps the economy get going in hard-hit detroit.
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>> of course they need so much help right now. we've seen this sort of slow-moving ball continues to go downhill for them. >> hopefully it slows down. coming up, actor charlie sheen's real-life drama. >> his very odd behavior at a new york hotel. his trip to the hospital, and now the search for an explanation. we'll be right back. !] did he do this to you ma'am? i don't know. i was asleep! i'll get it out of him explain that, you cockroach! a bad case of hives? no. itchy welts, from a bloodsucking parasite. so? so your girlfriend says you two were there. in the house. those were your droppings in the kitchen. yes. you contaminated the cookies... yes. and you bit that lady! nooo! it wasn't me! it wasn't me! oh! she said i did it?
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says here... cockroaches spread 33 types of bacteria... six parasitic worms... and trigger asthma attacks. but, i didn't do this ! well then who did? [male announcer] learn how to protect your family at pest world dot org. [detective] ok, who else we got? what? he, he, he! welcome back, everybody. it's still not clear what happened in charlie sheen's hotel room but it's clear it's not good for hollywood's howest paid actor. >> andrew canning has more on his latest brush with the law. >> reporter: it happened again charlie sheen living up to his bad boy image. police sources say they discovered the actor drunk and half naked in his new york city
3:18 am
hotel room. >> when we responded, mr. sheen was taken to the hospital, new york priz besbyterian hospital. no arrests were made. no one was willing to sign a complaint. >> reporter: according to police officials, sheen had been drinking heavily and was reportedly screaming he couldn't find his wallet or phone. >> he had a whole situation in that hotel room in the plaza. they found him apparently naked and intoxicated. >> reporter: sheen allegedly trashed the posh eloise suite at the renowned plaza hotel, overturning tables and chairs, even breaking a chandelier, causing thousands of dollars in damages. sheen was taken to a hospital, where he was reportedly given a psychiatric evaluation. >> charlie went to the hospital voluntarily because he had two options -- either he went to the hospital or he was going to jail. >> reporter: ex-wife denise richards was in new york with sheen and their two young daughters, staying in the same hotel at the time of the
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incident. she talked about what happened on "the joy behar show." >> so you don't know what exactly happened. did you go to the hospital with him? >> i do know what happened. i would rather -- >> oh, you do know. you just don't want to talk about it. >> and i did go to the hospital. >> you did go to the hospital with him. >> yes. the thing is it's very -- my daughters are 5 and 6 years old and they're at an age when they can start to understand. they have no idea what went on. and i'm -- a lot of our stuff happened when they were much younger, which i'm so grateful for. we're in an amazing place. we've been getting along great for the last year and a half. and you know, we're doing our best. so as far as that situation, i'm trying to protect the girls from it as much as possible. >> reporter: sheen's camp tried to downplay the incident, releasing a statement saying, "what we are able to determine is that charlie had an adverse allergic reaction to some medication and was taken to the hospital." despite charlie sheen's decade-long history of problems, he continues to be successful.
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still, in december 2009 charlie sheen was arrested in aspen after he allegedly threatened his third wife, brooke mueller. >> charlie! >> reporter: he was sentenced to rehab, probation, and anger management. things weren't any better with second wife denise richards. she accused sheen of making violent threats and accused him of being addicted to pornography and gambling. years earlier he attacked a girlfriend and plead no contest, getting just two years of probation. >> it seems like every time you pick your head up charlie sheen is in the tabloid for some sort of thing involving his ex-wife or a girlfriend or this or that or alcohol or what's going on. >> you don't want to talk about your problem? >> reporter: for sheen life seems to imitate art. >> charlie sheen's first breakout role was in "ferris bueller's day off." he had a small role as a criminal in the police precinct. and now on "two and a half men" he's played a guy that's a womanizer. he drinks a lot. and he's sort of a guy that -- it's done for comedic purposes but you know, maybe that's part
3:21 am
of the reason why no one seems to get too outraged at what happens. >> reporter: twf is one of tv's highest-rated comedies, bringing in millions of dollars in advertising revenue. >> there's one thing. >> no, you can't see them. >> reporter: he just signed a deal to extend his run as charlie harper for two more seasons, reportedly raking in $2 million an episode. throughout all of sheen's problems cbs often says one thing -- "no comment." >> if no one's pressuring cbs and there's no public outcry to do something about the situation with charlie sheen, then they're not going to do anything. >> reporter: charlie sheen's publicist says he was released from the hospital and returned back to l.a., adding, "everything else is speculation." i'm andrea canning in new york. >> andrea mentioned speculation. the speculation now is that when police got to the hotel at 1:30 in the morning there was an aggressive fight going on between charlie sheen and another woman, furniture was getting tossed.
3:22 am
and now the reports are that this woman was apparently a hooker and she claim that -- he claimed that she'd stolen his wallet. >> never dull niz life, too. a long history of domestic issues. hope it works out. more after this. stay with us. round ? you don't need a rematch, but a rethink. with lunesta. lunesta is thought to interact with gaba receptors associated with sleep. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. lunesta has some risk of dependency. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations, or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep.
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♪ well, finally, halloween of course approaches. you're probably seeing a few zombie movies on cable tv this week. >> it always seems so hard to kill the zombies. but in a popular game taking over some college campuses all it takes is a nerf gun. our abc oncampus reporter lynn guay explains. >> reporter: it looks like a giant game of tag, but it reveals a battle of much greater proportions. welcome to the world of humans
3:26 am
versus zombies. >> hi, my name is -- [ growling ]. and i like to eat brains. >> reporter: created in 2005 by two students at gaucher college the game humans versus zombies simulates a zombie apocalypse and is growing in popularity at colleges across the nation. over 900 players participated in this september's game at the university of florida. >> i think people are looking in a variety of ways for escapist entertainment, escapist enjoyment. >> reporter: here are the rules. first and foremost, these players must use nerf guns that are brightly colored and cannot be seen inside buildings on campus. but once the missions begin and we're out here in the open, there's no stopping these players from getting violent. the game has recently come under scrutiny for security reasons. at the university of pittsburgh at greensburg the game has been altogether banned. humans versus zombies even prompted a lockdown in 2009 at alfred university after the tip
3:27 am
of a nerf gun poking out of a student's pocket was mistaken for a real one. >> nerf guns, you can't hurt anyone with a nerf gun. you can't. >> actually, i've never gotten hurt in this game. >> from a law enforcement aspect we're just deal with safety and security on campus. we have no issue with it. >> reporter: for now the zombie obsession lives on. stay vigilant. for abc news on campus, i'm lynn guay. >> don't you miss your college years? >> someone says it's not dangerous as they're getting pelted. let's see some more video. this is one from the zombathon in virginia. >> look at all the kids going crazy. >> if you're wondering how the game is painted it's really not that scary. you get a gun and attack someone who's painted. looks like they're having fun. >> i'm joking with the kids. crazy there. oh, we have some visitors. we need some weapons, man. >> i've got one, i think.
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>> that one kind of looks like jim a little bit. okay guys...the plan, the plan?
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...or visit us on the web at parenting dot org. vast blast. the enormous, powerful, and historic storm system leaving destruction behind and threatening a huge part of the country. then, dangerous drive. serious questions about bmw and the way it handled complaints from frightened owners. and candid camera. ordinary baby monitors that can spy on your neighbors. >> that's a really big surprise to me. >> it's wednesday, october 27th. for all you moms out there, you probably have one of these things looking over the crib,
3:31 am
looking down on to the baby in the other room. interesting in terms of what these radio images are picking up. you're getting a sort of scanned image if you have one. >> everyone has so many wireless contraptions these days you can see where the signals get confused and they're literally peering into the kid's room by accident. weird story. >> good morning and thanks for being with us on this wednesday. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm rob nelson. a dangerous storm that's already pounded the central u.s. is now barreling east. the huge system is now bringing thunderstorms to pennsylvania and to the mid-atlantic. >> at least 25 tornados touched down from wisconsin to ohio and north carolina. barbara pinto reports from chicago. >> reporter: the massive storm unleashed its fury with torrential rain, near-hurricane force winds, and at least a half dozen tornados. one of them took direct aim at the schroeder family's home in peotone, illinois. >> it was like a bomb went off. you didn't see it hardly. it's like a freight train. you heard a little whistle and there was like a explosion of glass everywhere. >> reporter: near chicago a toppled tree crushed this car, impaling the driver.
3:32 am
she survived. this rare and dangerous mix of high winds and low pressure spawned weather warnings from the plains to pennsylvania. 50 to 60-mile-per-hour gusts expected to threaten nearly a million square miles. >> the storm pushing across the great lakes will probably be the second strongest storm of all time to push into this part of the country. >> reporter: the clash of warm and cold air over the nation's midsection some have called a great lake cyclone muscled its way through wisconsin, battering illinois and missouri, trapping morning commuters in a tangle of toppled trucks, snapped trees, and downed power lines. high winds are delaying repairs for the hundreds of thousands left in the dark. in lunaville tornado sirens blared, and at chicago's o'hare airport tempers flared. >> my next flight is after nine hours. >> reporter: high winds cancelled hundreds of flights at the midwest's major hub and delayed hundreds more. as this historic storm and its misery move east. the wind has moved through here,
3:33 am
but the trouble is far from over. these storm-force winds are expected to do damage from illinois through new york. over the next 24 hours. barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. one of the hardest-hit areas was south of milwaukee in the small town of mount pleasant. witnesses there say there was no warning when a huge twister touched down during the morning commute. the tornado skipped through town, leaving a path of destruction about six miles long. two people were hurt when the winds tore the roof off a tractor factory. and security cameras captured the destructive power of a twister as it touched down in northwest indiana. a few buildings had some major damage, and a barn there was destroyed. people working nearby took cover, of course, when they saw that tornado. they say it blew across the street, took off a roof, twisted power lines, and did other extensive damage as well. unbelievable footage. >> always amazing to see when someone captures something so dramatic. >> they're brave. well, that gigantic weather system could make travel a mess today. >> for the latest storm path let's check in again with
3:34 am
meteorologist ava dinges at accuweather. good morning, ava. >> good morning, rob and vinita. severe weather threatening the east coast. we are looking for this all along the latest cold front with our prevailing strong thunderstorm. now, the worst of the storm is actually heading into canada. so the thunderstorms in the east won't have as much energy to work with, but as we get later in the day we get the daytime heating and thunderstorms could strengthen in new jersey back into the carolinas, possibility of some damaging wind gusts and even isolated tornados. now, winds are still a problem in the great lakes back into the midwest, even without the thunderstorms winds could be howling at 40 to 65 miles per hour from north dakota back into lower michigan, and this is likely to knock out power in some locations, knock down trees, and even cause major delays at many of the airports. and in north dakota itself with snow falling into the morning hours we are expecting blizzard-like conditions in cities like fargo and even bismarck. and this storm is going to go down in history. you compare it to some of the greater storms hitting the great lakes region, it comes in at number 2. with a low pressure center comparable to a category 3 hurricane. now back to you, rob and vinita.
3:35 am
>> ava, thanks. now here's the rest of the nation's weather. the southwest can expect summer-like conditions. seattle, portland, and boise will have a dry day ahead of another pacific storm rolling in tonight. a few showers in florida. >> as that major storm now approaches the northeast, it's going to be unusually warm. boston can expect mid 70s. dallas and miami could come close to breaking high temp records today. meanwhile, albuquerque and omaha will be in the mid 50s. and ski season has come a little early in colorado, where more than a foot of snow could fall today. in fact, the national weather service says there may be as much as 16 inches of the white stuff on the ground by noon. the worst of it will be in central colorado, where ski resorts are preparing to open their doors later this morning. >> lots of powder there. the pentagon says it never lost the ability to launch some nuclear missiles despite a power outage over the weekend. the outage caused communication to be lost with 50 missiles at a base in wyoming. it was blamed on an equipment
3:36 am
failure. no foul play was suspected after inspections at the site. the outage happened early saturday, but the white house was only briefed about it yesterday morning. republican senate candidate carly fiorina is coping with a health scare this morning. fiorina is a breast cancer survivor, and she's being treated now for an infection related to her reconstructive surgery last summer. doctors decided to keep her in the hospital overnight for observation, but she hopes to be back on the campaign trail in california later this week. sarah palin is ready to help the alaska senate hopeful who has been facing some tough questions about his job in state government. republican joe miller, a tea party favorite, is in a contentious race. palin will be in anchorage tomorrow to give miller's campaign a boost. today in california first lady michelle obama will headline a democratic rally for senator barbara boxer. and this evening president obama appears on "the daily show" to spread his democratic message. and now the results of a month-long abc news investigation. it all started when a viewer
3:37 am
stopped our chris cuomo on the street and told him about a frightening loss of power in her bmw. chris and his team looked into it, and now the german automaker is recalling up to 130,000 vehicles. here's chris's report. >> reporter: around the country bmw owners are reporting frightening experiences. cars suddenly slow down, even in highway traffic. >> shaking, backfiring. we were scared out of our minds. >> you almost feel like you're losing control of the car. >> reporter: bmw told regulators back in 2008 that certain models may lose power while driving or go into what they call limp or safe mode because of a malfunctioning fuel pump. but there were no safety issues. and because of that bmw did not tell the owners of potentially affected models to immediately bring their cars in for service. when we went undercover at bmw dealers, they said there was nothing to worry about. >> if it was that big of an issue, it would have been an actual recall. >> reporter: but when abc news asked about the hundreds of complaints, bmw acknowledged
3:38 am
they'd been struggling to find a way to fix the problem and they know people might be worried. >> what do you say to those people who say there's nothing safe about this? "i thought i was going to die. i thought my daughter might die. this is an unsafe car." >> well, it's unfortunate that the failure of the pump caused that feelings, and we certainly can sympathize with that. people have different expectations. >> reporter: bmw now seems to be trying to meet those expectations. although they say they know of no injuries due to this problem, they are recalling as many as 130,000 cars from 2007 to 2010, equipped with the n54 twin turbo engine. >> we understand that people are feeling uncomfortable with the situation and people want to know more. so we're taking action as quickly as possible. >> a little bit of that abc urgency? >> that caused us to decide to take action sooner rather than later. >> reporter: but some owners say the company should have done more sooner.
3:39 am
>> they shouldn't be preying on the public when they know something's seriously wrong. >> reporter: chris cuomo, abc news, new york. >> and many european automakers, including bmw, did not do well in "consumer reports'" new reliability survey. the magazine reports gm has shown great improvement, even in cars that have just been introduced. meanwhile, ford's reliability is average or better for most models. the five makes that ranked the best are scion, porsche, acura, honda, and infiniti. chrysler, audi, mini, dodge, and bmw were ranked at the very bottom. well, we've all heard of hardwired home offices, but hardwired turtles? >> usually, when you head out for a day on the boat the coolers are full of beer, mm-hmm. but these coolers were full of baby turtles outfitted with tiny tracking transmitters that are powered by the sun. researchers will track the turtles as they grow to try and learn more about their predators and the best way to protect them. >> not cheap here. each tracking device comes with a price tag of about $3,000.
3:40 am
but the scientists say it is the only way to keep the endangered sea turtles safe. >> i prefer the beer. we'll be right back. ♪ every step you take i'll be watching you ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll.
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stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. well, if you've ever been a new mom or dad, you've probably heard of those video baby monitors. they're the ones that let you keep an eye on your baby when you're anywhere in the house. >> we have a word of warning this morning. a flaw has now been discovered with the monitors that allows anyone nearby to keep an eye on the little ones, too. jeff wineseer with miami's wplg has that story. >> reporter: when allison lindsay turned on her new video baby monitor, she had to do a double take. >> i saw my neighbor's boy in his crib. >> reporter: this is what she saw. it's a baby boy. but she has a baby girl. >> you had no clue when you
3:44 am
hooked this up that that signal goes beyond the walls of this house? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: the wireless camera system pointed at her crib was actually picking up 16-month-old tyler next door. both systems are on the same video frequency. as you can see, the picture is crystal clear. so she confronted her neighbor. >> you know, they don't come with any warnings. never even crossed my mind. >> reporter: the situation now has stacy cass and many other parents asking questions. >> how many times i must have walked in there not dressed appropriately, never thinking for a second that anybody else could see what was going on in our home. it's beyond creepy. you know? >> reporter: we decided to put it to the test. what would happen if we simply put a video baby monitor receiver on the dash and drove around? could we actually see inside people's homes? within minutes we were shocked. the pictures were coming into our news vehicle crystal clear. here's 14-month-old tali. we showed her mother these pictures. >> take a look at that crib.
3:45 am
>> that's her crib, yeah. >> she was just sleeping in it. >> yes, she was. she just woke up. that's a really big surprise to me. it's very concerning for strangers and, you know, child abusers and stuff like that. >> reporter: down the street the very same situation. here's dominic. we brought his mother out to our truck and showed her the video of her son playing in his crib. >> i'm so freaked out by it. that's really scary. >> reporter: we got video of entire bedrooms in pembroke pines. here's a camera pointed at a bed in hollywood. this woman is making a bed in coral gables. we saw crib after crib. some empty, others with kids sleeping and playing. a baby monitor is essentially on a fixed frequency that puts out a signal as long as it's on. >> does it make you not want to use it anymore? >> yeah. totally. >> wow. how invasive. how intrusive. >> reporter: we took retired police chief turned security consultant scott israel out for
3:46 am
a ride to show him exactly what we saw. >> somebody with a demented mind could have a field day with a device like this. >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: every parent we talked to said the same thing. they leave their video baby monitors on 24/7. our security experts say not a good idea. when you leave, turn it off. a criminal could easily use this to determine if someone is home or not. so use caution because in your private moments you never know who may be watching you or your children. jeff wineseer. >> and in addition to video they say in some cases they could hear the audio, what was happening in the room. >> very scary thought. we wondered if you checked in with our baby monitor here at "world news now" what you may see. aw, look at that. >> a lot less embarrassing than i thought it was going to be. >> i did expect worse. we'll be right back. >> stick around. >> stick a
3:47 am
i touched the ball before it went out, coach. team! alex. alex, good call.
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny if you turned on the tv at all yesterday, chances are you
3:49 am
heard what's going on with charlie sheen, the latest chapter sort of in this ongoing saga. the newest word is that he has been discharged from a hospital here in new york and that he is returning to l.a. so let me kind of set the stage for you. apparently, he and his wife along with the kids are in manhattan, they're going to see a show. now, i'm kind of compiling what a bunch of different reports are saying. more or less they all go out to dinner, they get back to the hotel. at around 1:30 the hotel gets a phone call from a woman who's totally distraught. she says that charlie sheen has basically gone crazy in the pricey plaza hotel room. police show up right around that same time, and they say charlie sheen is naked, acting crazy, he's torn up the hotel suite, and they say that reportedly he admits that booze and cocaine were being consumed and that the woman is a hired date. so apparently, the reports now from multiple sources are that he was in a hotel room with a hooker, they get back to the room, he realizes that his cell phone and his wallet are missing, he launches into a
3:50 am
crazy rampage, the hotel gets concerned, they end up calling denise richards and saying you're in another room at the plaza, you guys are in town together, can you help the situation out? well, she was on joy behar -- behar show. take a listen to what she said. >> i do know what happened. i would rather -- >> oh, you do know. you just don't want to talk about it. >> i would rather -- >> i'm just -- >> and i did help him at the hospital. >> you did go to the hospital with him. >> yes. >> so how is he doing? can you tell me that? >> i'll let you ask charlie. >> and for those of you who know charlie sheen well, this is his former wife. so keep in mind she's watching all this play out with perhaps a hired woman. she has to sort of get in there and intervene. keep in mind in the past year he's been through rehab, divorce court, and criminal court. but she's saying things between the two of them, denise richards, they're fine now. >> this story would be outrageous. but it's charlie sheen. there's a long history. it's kind of sad. but this is not why i'm considering the source here. the funny thing, the agent put
3:51 am
out a statement first blaming it all on an allergic reaction. and it's kind of like no, i don't think it was the claritin that led to all this. other news here. kind of a weird news story here too. remember the movie "bruno" in 2008, sacha baron cohen's crazy character. apparently now sacha and his production crew are being sued by a gay cameraman who claims he was attacked by the crew shooting the movie back in november of 2008. he's seeking damages of $25,000, which seems kind of cheap for these kind of lawsuits. but this photographer named mike skiff says he was at this prop 8 rally as the movie was being filmed and that he started filming bruno and the crew -- during the movie things got ugly there, was an altercation that took place, he was seriously injured and apparently this whole thing on top of that is posted now on youtube. so this case was filed in l.a. county superior court this week. so there is some behind-the-scenes trouble for borat/bruno. >> quickly, we have two more. kara dioguardi has landed on another reality show. this one is going to be called "going platinum." it's going to be on bravo.
3:52 am
and last but not least we cannot forget "dancing with the stars." there was a big decision last night. audrina patridge, who had sort of been close to the top, she's no longer on the show. >> she was doing really well. this is kind of a surprise. now she's going back to her old job at nasa.
3:53 am
♪ uh oh. sorry, son. you still have too many of 'em. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's new charmin ultra strong. its enhanced diamondweave texture is soft and more durable versus the ultra rippled brand. more durable so it holds up better for a dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. looks good son! [ female announcer ] new charmin ultra strong. enjoy the go. for an extra clean finish, try charmin freshmates.
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3:55 am
and here are some stories to watch today on abc news. secretary of state hillary clinton begins a pacific trip today. she'll attend a summit saturday with leaders of asian nations. also, nasa commemorates the tenth anniversary of the international space station and the astronauts who work there. and after widespread and sometimes violent protests across france, lawmakers there are expected to give final approval today to the country's pension and retirement cutbacks. finally, words of wisdom from two female trailblazers. >> diane sawyer caught up with supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg and former justice sandra day o'connor at this year's annual women's conference out in california. she asked them about their legacies and the lessons.
3:56 am
>> have you thought how many women is enough? >> nine. >> oh. oh. >> we're not there yet. >> well, there have been nine men there for a long, long time, right? so why not nine women? >> we also asked the justices to give some advice to the thousands in the room. what should they be sure to do? and what should they not? >> don't react in anger. if you think you're not being understood or you're being put down because you're a woman. have a sense of humor. know that you will not be successful in your mission if you say "oh, you sexist pig." >> well, you may have to have some arguments at times with people, and it's okay to say what you think. but having done that, don't keep it up. just shut up.
3:57 am
and go on. >> the best advice i ever got, and it came from my mother-in-law on the day of my marriage. we were married in her home. she called me into the bedroom, and she said, "dear, i wanted to tell you something that will stand you in good stead, and that is in every happy marriage it helps sometimes to be a little deaf." and that is advice -- >> yes. >> -- that i follow not only in my marriage but in dealing with my colleagues. >> that's right. >> some very cool moments amongst some legendary ladies out there. i wonder what advice you would give if you were in the legal profession, what advice you would bestow, vinita. >> in the legal profession? >> if that was your chosen -- >> oh. >> i didn't catch that setup. >> i got you off guard. >> i would have to say i would have loved to hear also what
3:58 am
diane had to say because i have the feeling she would have had some really good advice for women. that advice there was actually women. that advice there was actually ex announcer: there is a place not so far away. ask your parents to take you. come to the forest. where the other you lives. but first, stop by
3:59 am
4:00 am
six days to the midterm vote. >> man up, harry reid. >> the republicans fight to steal power from the democrats. then, getting tough. how the feds are fighting bullies to protect students at risk. and dressing up. this year's halloween costumes that are all the rage. it's wednesday, october 27th. one of my proudest journalistic moments coming up later in this half hour. a very interesting look at the popular halloween costumes this year. >> i'm not going to ruin it for you, but you have to see rob in the costume that they gave him because it's awesome. >> going for the emmy. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson.
4:01 am
>> and i'm vinita nair. well, we are heading into the campaign home stretch with midterm elections just six days away now. >> the republicans hope to steal congressional power, and the democrats still desperate to keep it. john hendren has more now from washington. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and rob. the president has already filled out his illinois write-in ballot, and it should come as no surprise the white house says he checked the boxes for pat quinn for governor and alexi giannoulias for senate. both democrats. and in one of those races the president has a very personal stake. the struggle for the president's old senate seat is a sign of just how embattled this election year is. >> what an amazing signal it would send to take the barack obama seat and make it the mark kirk seat. >> reporter: republican mark kirk has hammered democrat alexi giannoulias over those who got loans at his family's bank. >> blagojevich, rezko, and the mob. alexi giannoulias. he'd make tony soprano proud. >> reporter: democrats are most endangered i ithe house, where
4:02 am
the latest abc news estimate shows 107 democratic seats in jeopardy, with 64 of those eieier lae either leaning republican or pure tossups. republicans need only 39 to win the house. in senate races the struggle for control is turning ugly. >> i've been called a nazi. i've been called a whore. i've been called a liar. >> reporter: in kentucky a rand paul supporter stomped on the head of a liberal activist. >> i just wanted to get out here with a sign, but i got my head stepped on. >> reporter: and then there's nevada. >> man up, harry reid. >> reporter: and in alaska republican senator lisa murkowski running as a write-in candidate accused miller of an ethics violation. >> what would your classmates at west point say about how well you've lived up to your code of honor? >> reporter: abc news learned the president and mrs. obama will appear in an ad for alexi giannoulias starting today. that's the only ad so far this year in which both will a aear and a sign of just how much the president wants to save his old senate seat. vinita and rob?
4:03 am
republican sarah palin is now turning her attention to her home state. tea party favorite and senate hopeful joe miller is getting palin's help.. she'll appear at a gop rally tomorrow. today, though, in california first lady michelle obama gives a campaign boost to senator barbara boxer. and this eveveng president obama appears on jon stewart's "the daily show" to continue to spread his message. polls have shown that the economy and jobs are top priorities for voters. another campaign issue, immigration, has both parties making wildly different claims. here's jake tapper. >> reporter: on univision radio this week president obama told the largely hispanic audience of listeners this. >> i'm going to keep my promise on immigration reform. >> reporter: activists say the president's only explicit immigration promise was made when he was running for president. >> we will have in the firir year an immigration bill that i strongly support and that i'm promoting. >> reporter: did the president keep that promise? no. there has not been an immigration bill that he strongly supported and promoted. on the airwaves republicans are attacking democrats' records on immigration reform.
4:04 am
>> we might as well put out a welcome sign for illegal aliens. >> reporter: sometimes with crude caricatures, such as this one from republican senator david vitter of louisiana about his opponent. >> melancon voted to make it easier for illegals to get taxpayer-funded benefits. >> reporter: or this from nevada republican sharron angle about hers. >> he votes to give special tax breaks to illegal aliens. >> reporter: did either democrat support giving these benefits to illegal immigrants? no. in california democratic gubernatorial candidate jerry brown tells spanish radio listeners -- >> meg whitman [ speaking spanish ]. >> reporter: -- that meg whitman supports arizona's immigration law. does whitman support that law? >> i said i did not think the arizona law was right for california. >> reporter: no. twisting facts in a different language does not make them true. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. republican senate hopeful carly fiorina is spending the night in the hospital. the breast cancer survivor was
4:05 am
admitted for treatment for an infection related to her reconstructive surgery last july. her campaign says she hopes to be back out on the trail by the end of the week. she of course is running for senate out in california in a very tight race against incumbent barbara boxer. the money laundering case against former house majority leader tom delay has finally gone to trial. juju selection was completed tuesdada and testimony is expected to begin next week. delay is accused of illegally financing gop campaigns in texas back in 2002. if convicted, he could face five years to life in prison. the pentagon says despite a power outage over the weekend it never lost the ability to launch nuclear missiles. the outage at a base in wyoming caused communication to be lost with about 50 missiles. it was all blamed on an equipment failure. no foul play was suspected after inspections. the outage happened early saturday, but the white house was only briefed about it yesterday morning. if you are flying today, this is certainly not the news you want to hear.
4:06 am
there could be major travel disruptions today after the central u.s. was hit by an enormous storm with wind gusts of up to 80 miles an hour. hundreds of flights were cancelled at chicago's o'hare, and even more delays at other major airports. at least 25 tornados were reported from wisconsin to north carolina and ohio. one tornado made a mess out of a farm south of chicago. >> it was like a bomb went off. you didn't hear the tornado. it's like a freight train. a little whistle and there was like an explosion of glass everywhere. >> as the storm moved east last night, it hit rural north carolina, where at least seven people were injured. and to give you just a little bit of an idea about the storm's destructive power, a security camera was rolling when one of the twisters touched down in northwest indiana. a few buildings took a direct hit, and a barn there was destroyed as well. people working nearby of course took cover when they saw the twister. they say it blew across the street, took off a roof, twisted power lines, and did other damage as well. and now that powerful system is centered over pennsylvania and the mid-atlantic states. >> it is certainly making a mess
4:07 am
out of travel. accuweather meteorologist ava dinges has the storm track. good morning, ava. >> good morning, rob and vinita. our massive storm system heading into canada, but the prevaililg cold front is still going to bring a chance for thunderstorms along the east coast. now, earlier on just some thunderstorms around new york city back down toward washington, d.c., but as we progress throughout the day we get the daytime heating. that allows the thunderstorms to strengthen. we could see some damaging wind gusts near atlantic city all the way down the east t ast of the united states, and these thunderstorms may even produce isolated tornados. although the tornado threat is not as likely as what we saw in the midwest. the storm system continues to exit up into the north, but behind it very windy conditions continue. and these winds could still be strong enough to knock down power and even knock down trees. from north dakota back into the midwest and even into the great lakes region and into north dakota behind the storm very chilly air. we are expecting snow to continue into the morning hours. only about three to five inches of accumulation. but you pack those winds at 50 to 60 miles per hour and in cities like fargo and even bismarck blizzard-like
4:08 am
conditions to start off the day. now back to you, rob and vinita. >> thanks a lot, ava. now the rest of today's weather. the south and southwest will escape all that stormy weather. we'll have sunny skies and some warm temperatures today. and there's a dry day in the pacific c rthwest. before another storm off the pacific brings rain later tonight. >> miami, new orleans, and dallas are in the mid to upper 80s in parts of southern texas, could hit 90. i'm a little jealous. temperatures in the upper midwest are up to 15 degrees cooler than usual with gusty winds and some snow. so it looks like mother nature has been busy. in the last decade she's added 1,200 new species to her brood. >> scientists with the world wildlife fund say between 1999 and 2009 more than 1,200 new species of plants and animals were discovered in the amazon rainforest. >> here are some of our favorites now. there's a poison dart frog, also a bald-headed parrot, and a little frog with a transparent belly. it's so clear he's called the
4:09 am
glass frog. and check out this mini monkey. he's only 14 inches long and weighs less than a pound. >> of course, the amazon is one of the most threatened parts of the world. if deforestation continues at the current rate, the amazon will be reduced by 40% in the next 20 years, which is not good news for all those beautiful animals we just were able to see. >> i like that little monkey. >> this is on my bucket list. they're saying that the vast majority of the amazon as much as you know is in brazil, followed by peru. it's basically 60% to 13% differential. but look at those images. they're breathtaking. >> 1 1/2 billion acres of wildlife. we'll be back with more after this. if you fight to sleeee in the middle of the night,
4:10 am
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4:12 am
the u.s. department of education is fighting back against bullying, saying tuesday
4:13 am
enough is enough. >> officials say this isn't about poking a little fun at the math club, it's about violating kids' civil rights. diana alvear has more from los angeles. good morning, diana. >> reporter: vinita and rob, good morning. these new guidelines mark a milestone in the fighthtgainst bullying. especially in cases where harassment is accompanied by discrimination. when tyler wilson tried out for the cheerleading squad, he says two bullies broke his arm and called him a queer. >> it feels horrible, that they can't accept me for who i am. >> reporter: what happened to tyler may be a federal crime. letters went out to schools on tuesday that state, "the nature of the conduct itself must be assessed for civil rights implications." cases where race, religion, disability, and sexual orientation are factors, schools that don't do this face being stripped of their federal funding. this video made headlines when a florida dad stormed a school bus to confront the kids he said
4:14 am
were bullying his disabled daughter. rutgers freshman tyler clementi was one of at least five gay teens who killed themselves in the past few weeks. the new guidelines make it clear, title ix protects gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students. >> bullying can rise to the level of harassment that violates the civil rights laws. we want them to understand what their responsibilities are, and we want to work together to help them comply. >> reporter: officials say all students should feel safe and secure. students like tyler, who say they just want to be themselves. >> it's my choice. if i want to be a cheerleader, i'm a cheerleader. >> reporter: and these guidelines will get a boost from a conference at the white housu next year. they're planning to bring together federal officials, educators, parents, and teens to come together to talk about ways to prevent bullying. vinita, rob? >> and of course after the incident at rutgers university and several gay suicides we saw after that it's a good move i think for the country to make to kind of make this, you know, an issue at the forefront here. apparently, the letter went out to 15,000 schools and districts across the country in addition to 5,000 colleges and
4:15 am
universities. so they're really trying to get the word out there for people to take this a lot more seriously. lives are at stake. >> i think a lot of this also you think of rutgers but even before that we had those instances where a mom was harassing a student on facebook. i think the reality is with kids being so plugged in if they want to get bullied -- or if they're going to get bullied it's going to happen 24/7. it's not just at school anymore. >> hopefully some progress. we'll see. when we return, time for costumes. stick around. ♪ ♪
4:16 am
♪ and welcome back, everybody. as you can tell, we're launching a new series today on health care reform. just joking. as you may be able to guess from my costume, of course halloween is almost here. if you don't have a costume for your kids, then you want to pay attention to this really cool segment today.
4:17 am
joining us now with this year's best halloween costumes and some very important advice is the toy insider mom, laurie shank. good morning, laurie. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> good morning. >> we should explain to folks too what you're dressed up as. >> well, i'm alice. and you make an unbelievable mad hatter. >> i do o best. just came home from the club. this is good. and it's a popular theme this year, which is cool. >> it's a very popular theme. alice and all the costumes are selling out. >> absolutely. and for infants and toddlers, we'll go age group by age group. talking about the littlest ones. >> let's start with newborns. moms are so excited to get their kids out halloween trick-or-treating for the first time. simple, warm. pea in the pod. >> very cute. >> we have barrel of monkeys. >> very nice. >> so they're warm, they're fuzzy. >> if it's a cold halloween -- yeah. >> very simple for this age group. now, one of the other things you can do is this is from the noah's ark collection. and ofofourse here is our very hungry caterpillar.
4:18 am
but what's nice about these is there's easy access to change diapers. you don't have to -- >> very important. you don't want a messy halloween. that's good. >> but as we move into toddlers now, toddlers -- >> the next group up. a little bit older. >> a little older. so they like to role play. so they either want to be their favorite character, they want to be what mom and dad are. so great costumes. we have shrek. >> that's cute. look at that. >> yeah. here is our future golfer. >> oh, very nice. little tiger. >> little tiger. now, what boy doesn't want to be a superhero? here is spider-man. >> the one and only spider-man. >> feel his muscles. >> keep him warm too. are these relatively expensive or inexpensive? >> you k kw what? these are running about $19.99 to $29.99. that's really sort of the range. and you know, you can still make your own costumes, get your accessories. so it's a little bit of everything. >> very nice. >> for the girls here. >> for the girls, candyland is not just a board game anymore. now it's a costume.
4:19 am
not just for little girls. for moms too, by the way. and strawberry shortcake is very sweet. >> perfect for little girls. >> yep. fairies are still something little girls love to be. >> you see so many of these. >> so great. and of course -- we have lots of costumes. crayola. also grown-up and kids. you can be any color you want. as we move into a little bit older, the costumes get a little more -- >> a little more involved. >> so of course some of the hottest things. the hottest movie this summer, "toy story 3" for kids. we have buzz. >> everyone loves buzz. >> last year's hot item was the zuzu pets. you can have a zuzu costume. one of the things parents want to look at of course, to make sure these fit. if they're too long fix it, we don't want these kids to be running around tripping over their costumes. >> and obviously if they need to make any alterations it's fairly minor. a few minutes. >> simple. cut off the bottom. the other thing about the role play costumes is it't'not just
4:20 am
about halloween, they use them all year long so, they should be saved and keep going. little girls love to be witches. but theyeyike -- >> that's different, too. >> -- to be pretty witches. and we have the king of pop. >> oh. >> so we have the -- >> michael. >> we do the michael jackson. >> that's a very easy joke. i'll let it go. >> and now as we get into even older. here we have bumblebee, transformer. all this cool stuff. you want to make sure the kids can see out of the mask. >> very important. because they're crossing the street. it's dark out. >> exactly. so they should be able to see, they should be able to breathe. >> same rough price range for these? >> same rough price range for these. hannah montana. >> oh, yeah. that's a big one. >> and they also love to be werewolves and all kinds of things. so this one's a werewolf. >> little bit of gore here, not bad. oh, the beating heart. that's cool. now let's take me to the adult costumes here. everyone's favorite. >> well, you know what? we have fraggle rock. we have costumes for couples. so fraggle rock is with us today.
4:21 am
we have red and go. '80s. they're great. >> we have a very serious staff here at "world news now." they look good. they're on their way to the club. they look good. you also had a gaga costume. >> i have lady gaga. she is absolutely just like the costume. and we have another couple cocoumes. i have nateri here, but i think jake sully is on his way. >> yes, jake's here. little avatar look. very cool. this is a huge movie. >> he looks awesome, doesn't he? >> very nice. >> now, for those jersey fans. >> the situation. >> the situation. >> those famous abs. >> with his famous abs. >> laurie, thanks so much for being here. some great costumes ideas. for kids of all ages this halloween. which is fantastic. i'm going to go be a backup dancer now. more details, check it out more "world news now" after this. check it out
4:22 am more "world news now" after this. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." terri: "last year, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for "little or no money." jim plunkitt: "no cost. absolutely no cost to me." breaking news...when you call today, we'll include a free hoveround collapsible grabber with the purchase of your power chair. it reaches, it grabs, it's collapsible and it's portable. it goes wherever you go. get it free while supplies last. call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure and your free hoveround collapsible grabber.
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4:24 am
including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions such as tongue or throat swelling occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. at discover a restful lunesta night. [ male announcer ] what if clean sheet day became clean sheet week? new ultra downy april fresh has scent pearls that give you a whole week of freshness with just one wash. ♪ and from day 1 to day 7,
4:25 am
ultra downy april fresh lets you climb in to more freshness than this other fabric softener. so why settle? get more. feel more. >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. i want to pick this story because i'm totally obsessed with like gummy bears and gummy worms, anything of like that consistency. i love this. they've made like the biggest gummy worm and biggest gummy bear of all time, this company for halloween. get this thing. the fruity two-tone tube of gelatin and artificial flavors, of course, 26 inches long. it weighs three pounds. it's a company called vat 19 is selling the largest gummy worm. there you're looking at the largest gummy bear ever. there's the worm. we saw a second ago it was the gummy bear. that worm, though, 4,000 calories. a shelf life of over a year. costs 30 bucks if you're
4:26 am
interested in one. and that one you saw before was the giant gummy bear on a stick. it weighs in at half a pound, about four inches tall, and that costs about ten bucks. and then the biggest one ever was the five-pound, world's largest gummy bear. it's the equivalent of 1,400 regular size gummy bears coming in at a whopping 12,600 calories. >> they're very well priced, though. i thought you were going to say they're a lot more expensive. >> it's just like sugar -- >> you get one of those for your kid's party and you cut off a leg, give that to someone. cut off an ear. >> there you go. be up all night. >> remember during the world cup kind of craze and everything going on there was an octctus everyone was talking about, paul the octopus? >> yes. >> he was such a clever octopus in the sense that he ended up picking all of germany's world cup winners. and then he went on to even pick the finals. and the way he did it, in case you don't remember, what you're seeing him do is they would load two boxes with mussel food treats, that's what they call them, and then he would just go onto the top of the box whichever one -- well, he's passed away.
4:27 am
>> aw. octopus is no more. >> it's really sad. they're saying he appears to have passed away peacefully during the night of natural causes. and the owners of it say "we are consoled by the knowledge that he enjoyed a really good life here." and in case you think this will be the end of paul the octopus, it certainly won't be. he has a range of commercial enterprises ranging from a special clothing line to mobile phone applications and he's also going to be featured in a documentary to be released early next year. >> i wonder if he saw the end coming. poor paul. >> yeah. he walked toward that box. >> walk toward the light, paul. this is a fun one, too. this could be like the new wave in music and videos these days. apparently these two designers got together and created an interactive video for the band called come on and kipski. it let's you literally select individual frames, reshoot them with your own web cam, and then upload the replacement in real time. 24,000 people have done this thing so far. this literally grabs a frame in the music video, then overlays it over your live web cam, so you can kind of put yourself in the video. this is different. >> very different. >> very interactive. if you really like a band.
4:28 am
it already won a design award and everything. so you never know. >> just get on your web cam and start going -- voguing. qqqq
4:29 am


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